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Author: Pat Eure

Illustrator: Glenn Eure

12" high x 9" wide; 184 pages + illustrated end leaves + hardcover; full-color illustrations throughout.


     Glenn Eure (1931-2018), owner of Glenn Eure’s Ghost Fleet Gallery in Nags Head, North Carolina for more than 30 years, was a prolific, immensely talented artist and an Outer Banks Legend. 

    Glenn Eure, Artful Rogue of the Outer Banks is a volume as rich and colorful as the man it represents, a hardcover   compendium of the artist’s many genres. This substantial volume has vibrant images throughout, with Glenn’s iconic ink sketches on the flyleaves. Glenn’s wife, Pat Eure, is the book’s author, and her thoughtful prose and graceful poetry elevate the book to literary status as well. The enduring solidity of Glenn and Pat’s partnership—both in life and business—is reflected in their collaboration on this lovely project.


     I have often thought that my husband is more an experience than a solid thing. Certainly any world is too big to hold in your mind at one time. It would seem a single island might fit more easily, but it really doesn’t. You breathe it in for a minute, or a succession of minutes, and come to understand, without realizing it at the time or for most of a lifetime actually, that you have experienced its beauty completely, still possessing nothing of it.

     ~excerpted from Pat Eure’s Prologue

Glenn Eure, Artful Rogue of the Outer Banks

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