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Author: Carol Willett

10” high x 11.25” wide; 104 pages + softcover with 5” flaps; full-color photos and art throughout.


     From the lively field notes of intrepid 19th-century naturalist and sculptor Gwendolyn Remington-Burke, B.Dr. (Dragonology), emerge entertaining profiles and enchanting images of her post-Darwinian discoveries around the globe and under the seas.      

     Using cloth and papier-mâché, as well as found materials indigenous to each creature’s habitat, Remington-Burke re-creates a zoo of creatures that have never been seen by other humans until now.

     Professor Gwendolyn Remington-Burke is an alter ego of amateur naturalist and global traveler Carol Willett, who escaped to the Outer Banks of North Carolina after thirty-five years as a military officer, government executive and entertaining university professor. Carol sculpts in a seventeen-sided house by the sea, which she shares with her husband, Richard, and a menagerie known as Creatures of Imagination. This journal profiles a few of those creatures. It is a major body of work for a self-taught artist.

Creatures of Imagination, A Journal of Discovery

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