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Author: Pat Eure

11” high x 8.5" wide; 88 pages + illustrated endleaves + hardcover; full-color photos and illustrations throughout


An Artist's Way of the Cross...contains the story of two journeys. The Stations of the Cross, of course, show the first journey. They are meant to be visual representations of the passage of Jesus from life to death to new and everlasting life. You will also find within these pages, the journey of a soul – how conceiving and carving these masterpieces both shaped and were shaped by the spiritual evolution of the artist, Glenn Eure.


This book, by Glenn’s wife, Pat, [tells] the story of the creative process – the wood used, the local personalities that modeled those on the road to Calvary, the scale and dimensions of each piece. But it also chronicles Glenn’s artistic genius, and his spiritual insights and struggles during the process. ...No history could completely describe the 150 hours Glenn spent creating each station, but this record, told by the woman who accompanied him in every step of this 10-year project, is as close as we can come.


Excerpted from the Foreword by Reverend Doctor William F. Walsh, osfs

Pastor, Holy Redeemer by the Sea Parish

An Artist's Way of the Cross: A Work of Art, A Labor of Love

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