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KENNEL PAGES (pricing is for a two-page spread) 

Kennel pages will appear in alphabetical order, although two-page spreads may be slightly out of order due to the logistics of keeping spreads together. Simple ad design will be provided, although you are welcome to submit your own design. Please send a rough idea of how you envision your ad and we will create it for you.


There is no limit to the number of pages that one kennel may purchase, but two kennels CANNOT share kennel pages. When placing an order for two or more pages, specify the page order. (For example, add pg1, pg2, pg3, etc. to the accompanying file name.)


        • Photos (there is no limit, but fewer pictures will have greater impact)

        • Registered name of each dog pictured

        • Registered names of the sire and dam of each dog pictured

        • Verification of health clearances for each dog pictured

ESAA 2020/2021 Annual: Kennel Page -- 2-p spread

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