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In early 2002, Outer Banks Press launched The Winged Horse Extravaganza, a public art installation celebrating the 2003 Centennial of Flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. From May 2002 through October 2004, 99 life-size fiberglass horses with aluminum aircraft wings were decorated and displayed throughout the Outer Banks. At least a dozen more were displayed off-island. Sponsors (either businesses or individual families) purchased a horse, commissioned an artist to decorate it and publicly displayed it for everyone to enjoy. [Some examples are in the gallery below]

Outer Banks Press is relaunching a horse project — WhoaBX — again using fiberglass horses, sans wings. This project will differ from The Winged Horse Extravaganza in two distinct ways: end date and beneficiaries. Since WhoaBX is not in conjunction with any event, it will be open-ended, with plans to continue indefinitely. Furthermore, while The Winged Horse Extravaganza benefited more than thirty non-profits and charitable organizations, WhoaBX has a single beneficiary: the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. Those with horses displayed from our prior project will receive recognition as Legacy Sponsors.

In addition to WhoaBX, we will be publishing a large-format coffee-table book of Corolla's wild horses, with proceeds benefiting the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. Plans are to create a series of such books, including new additions to the herd and providing updates on the important work of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

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