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Current Locations
WINGED HORSE EXTRAVAGANZA (listed north to south).

Corolla  |  Duck & Southern Shores  |  Kitty Hawk  |  Kill Devil Hills  |  Nags Head  |  Roanoke Island  |  Hatteras Island  |  Ocracoke  |  Off the Outer Banks


1. Water Wings
Corolla Classic Vacations & Corolla Real Estate
next to Corolla Pizza & Winks

2. Collie
The Island Bookstore
1130 Corolla Village Rd. (horse is inside)

3. Lady-Go-Diva
The Inn at Corolla Light

4. Reflections of the American Spirit, AKA Spirit
ResortQuest Outer Banks

5. Mimmie Lou
Stan & Mary Virginia Polonsky (private home)
846 Corolla Dr, behind Food Lion shopping center

6. Corolla Speed Steed
Corolla Raceway
Timbuck II Shopping Center

7. Monto’ac
Currituck Outer Banks Visitor Center

8. Foaliage
Mike Mogil & Barbara Levine (private home)
689 Hunt Club Dr, past the Currituck Visitor Center

Duck and Southern Shores

9. Floral Flight
ResortQuest Outer Banks

10. Fitz
Laura Fitzpatrick (private home)
122 Sandy Ridge Rd, oceanfront

11. Horsefly
The Waterfront Shops

12. Prince Charley Horse
The Blue Point, Barr-ee Station & Duck’s General Store
The Waterfront Shops

13. Corolla
Life’s A Beach
The Waterfront Shops

14. Star Grazer
Sea Dragon and Candy & Corks
The Waterfront Shops

15. Steve's CottEdge Blend, AKA Java
Duck's Cottage (Steve Alterman - sponsor)
The Waterfront Shops

16. Polaris (the Stallion of the Cosmos)
Herron’s Restaurant

17. Wings of Rescue
Soundfeet Shoes

18. Pirates Pony
Osprey Landing Shops

19. Stirrup Your Imagination
The Island Bookstore
Scarborough Faire Shopping Village (horse is inside)

20. Sea Biscuit
The Kerr Family (private home)
2 Fourth Ave, oceanfront

21. Isaiah
First Church of Christ, Scientist
Sea Hawk

22. Zee Colt
Southern Shores Crossing Shopping Center

Kitty Hawk

23. School Spirit
Kitty Hawk Elementary School

24. Sir Spirit Scotch Bonnet Shellsworthy of First Flight
Aycock Brown Welcome Center

25. Kinnakeet
Stack ’Em High Pancakes

26. Dreamcatcher
Professional Floors
500 Sand Dune Dr, behind Pizzaz Pizza

27. Whitey
Black Pelican

28. Mighty in Flight
Mighty Maid Cleaning Service

29. Sea Star
Alfred and Susan Bevan (private home)
3613 Meeting Twain Ct, turn on Tateway St, 2nd right

30. Miss Kitty and
31. Fancy Flyer
Kitty Dunes Realty

Kill Devil Hills

32. Lights, Kam-era, Action!
Chilli Peppers

33. Doubloon
Jolly Roger Restaurant

34. Outer Banks Bay, AKA “Flipper”
Goombays Grille & Raw Bar

35. Hurricane
Days Inn Mariner

36. J.J.
Mako Mike’s

37. Wilbur Bushwacker
Days Inn Wilbur & Orville Wright

38. Chamber Charlie
Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce
Colington Rd.

39. Happy Daze
Town Hall
next to Chamber of Commerce

40. Horse-oglyphics
First Flight Middle School
behind First Flight Elementary on Colington Rd.

41. Skye Dreams
Colington Harbour Entrance
end of Colington Rd.

42. Starry Starry Flight
Kill Devil Hills Cooperative Gallery

43. The Wright Stuff
Nags Head Shop

44. Captain Seabourne
Ramada Inn

45. Pegasuits
Birthday Suits

46. Ameri-Go-Round
Southern Ice
400 W 8th St. (MP 10)

Nags Head

47. Hospitality
Kelly’s Restaurant

48. Aviatrix
Outer Banks Family YMCA

49. Shiner
Kitty Hawk Kites

50. Butterfly
Bad Barracuda’s

51. Butterfly Jubilee
Outer Banks Hospital (horse is inside lobby)

52. Chloe’s Flight
Village Realty (horse is inside)

53. Odyssey of the Hands
Harrell & Associates

54. Chillin’ Out
Penguin Isle Restaurant

55. Eyeland Nag
Frank & Catharine Freda (private home)
112 E. Sea Holly Ct., oceanfront

56. Wind Nags Point
Windmill Point Restaurant

57. High Speed Steed
Nags Head Raceway

58. Sir Stanley
Tanger Outlet Center

Roanoke Island

59. Dorothy and
60. David
College of the Albemarle Dare Co.
2 horses (horses are inside Tech Bldg.)

61. Joe
20/20 Realty

Hatteras Island

62. Hattie
Kinnakeet Shores

63. Lighthorse
Outer Beaches Realty Waves, Avon & Hatteras (horse is moved to different locations)


64. Constellation (a Rider from the Cosmic Carousel)
Howard’s Pub

65. Emilio
Back Porch Restaurant

66. Garcia Lorca
The Island Inn

67. Seahorse
Ocracoke School

Currituck Mainland

68. Premonition
Prospect Generation Systems
Freedom Business Park

69. Old Tom Morris
East Coast Game Rooms and Golf (horse is inside store)

Off the Outer Banks

70. Tiny Timber
Dismal Swamp Welcome Center
2356 US Hwy 17 N, South Mills, NC (horse is inside welcome center)