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128 pages; soft cover; 7" x 10"

A Hatteras Anthology:
The Voices of Hatteras Island Women
by Lynne Hoffman Foster & Linda Elizabeth Nunn

Lynne Hoffman Foster and Linda Elizabeth Nunn embarked upon a project that has turned into an opus. A Hatteras Anthology is a collection of poetry, prose, photographs, artwork and even sheet music by nearly forty Hatteras Island women. In addition to being a valuable literary offering, A Hatteras Anthology is an art book as well, designed by Linda Lauby of Outer Banks Press, with color pages of lovely images throughout.

There are numerous silent voices here. We approached many women and asked for their stories and their thoughts, their creativity and insights. Those who responded have eloquently related various aspects of their experiences on Hatteras Island through their words, their music, and their creative eyes and hands, honoring all of the Hatteras Island women. Their works have moved us, and we are pleased to share them with you.
– Lynne Hoffman Foster

When the idea for this book came about, we met at Lynne's kitchen table (where else?) and began to plan our project. Our daily lives place us in contact with the public, and talking to other women is as natural and necessary as sunshine on our upturned faces. Beneath the customary chatter about the ordinary and the routine, we heard the reasonable whispers of quiet dreams and altered ambitions. If you talk to a woman long enough, and listen with an honest ear, you will hear her speaking from her heart. We wanted to turn up the volume on those whispers and heart sounds, and we conceived this anthology as a way to give a clearly audible voice to our island sisters.

…We believe that, like a seashell dropped into a tidal pool, the happy consequences of our endeavors will spread through ever-widening circles, born of the voices of these Hatteras Island women.
– Linda Elizabeth Nunn

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