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The Edge Outer Banks 2005.2006

A while ago, I was asked to include some of our publications in the Monument to a Century of Flight’s time capsule. “Make sure you sign them,” suggested Pat Eure as I dropped them off at Glenn Eure ’s Ghost Fleet Gallery.

“What in the world do I write?” I wondered, and signed my name along with a sentence or two to the people of 2103. It felt strange, knowing that I’d no longer be here when the time capsule was opened and its contents examined. The feeling haunted me the remainder of the day, reminding me of how ill prepared I’d been.

Given the opportunity, what would you say to the people of 2103? Perhaps even more important, what can we do today to ensure that this magical place retains its fragile beauty so that all inhabitants and visitors can still enjoy it as we do? Drawing upon our individual skills, we can preserve the many wonderful qualities inherent on these barrier islands. As a publisher, my goals are to promote and preserve – to disseminate words and images of those who may have gone unpublished or tell stories that need to be told – and through our publications, to teach, nudge, inform and entertain. We have environmentalists striving to protect and preserve our natural resources, concerned citizens promoting good stewardship of our land, and preservationist groups whose focuses range from lighthouses to historical buildings to Corolla’s and Ocracoke’s wild horses. You have a role in this too.

There’s a bounty of talent in this place. Let’s not have our message to the people of 2103 be one that says, “I’m sorry.” Think about the message that you would like to convey and consider how your efforts can make an impact upon the Outer Banks of a century hence. Help us treat this edge of land – and each other – with respect and mindfulness.


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